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We start the visit with the screening of a latest-generation audiovisual presentation in which you will be able to see spectacular details of the cave (10 minutes). Then an audio-guided visit through the different chambers of the Cave, in a pleasant walk of about 45 minutes where you will discover the many secrets the grotto keeps (audio-guided in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Russian).

Note: Please go to the projection room 10 minutes before the time of entry

Normal 10€
From 6-12 years 6€
Children under 6 years Free


We offer a new and surprising way to visit the Cave of Nerja. When the cave closes its doors, a small group of privileged people can enter the mystery of the underworld to enjoy the magnificence and beauty of the cave, and discover its secrets. The chambers will be illuminating as the group passes by and with the explanations of the guide (in English and German if requested at 680 207 135).

You can choose between three modalities:

  1. The Secrets of the Cave. The guide offers a tour of the tourist galleries where we will discover the secrets that contains the Cave which are not shown in the conventional guides and tours for visitors. At the same time, corners of the cave is spectacularly illuminated to be enjoyed as has not been done so far. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays 17:00 (July & August 18:30 h.)

  2. The Discovery. We enter the area closed to do public, the chambers of la Torca and Mina. In them we see the hole that opened the discoverers to go into the cave. Also we visit the first excavations conducted in the cave, where traces remain of archaeological work. This is the area that has been inhabited for more time in prehistory, so that we can learn aspects of life of our ancestors and the use made of the cave for 25.000 years. Saturdays 17:00 (July & August 18:30 h.) (Does not include visit to tourist galleries. Not recommended for children under 10 years. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes)

  3. Night Tour. When night falls, we go into the cave in total darkness. Each visitor will carry a headlamp, discovering the cave with the same sensations that lived their discoverers. The silence, the formations sculpted over thousands of years and the size of its cambers take us to another world and another time. A unique and personal experience that will be unforgettable. In addition you can take the flashlight as a gift for sharing with us this adventure. Saturdays 18:00 (July & August 19:30 h.)

More info: info@cuevadenerja.esTel: 680 207 135

Normal 15€
From 6-12 years 7€

New service started by the Cave of Nerja. It is a tourist train that travels through the most emblematic places of the town. It has four stops: Cave of Nerja, Boat of Chanquete, Museum of Nerja and Maro Square. The ticket is valid all day, being able to get on and off the train as many times as desired in their operating hours. It has an audio-guide in Spanish and English that briefly and enjoyably explains the monuments and places that can be seen in its route. The price includes a free visit to the Cave of Nerja (you must reserve a time) and to the Museum of Nerja.

Note: Please go to the projection room 10 minutes before the time of entry

Price Offer
Adult 15€ 10€
From 6-12 years 10€ 8€
Children under 6 years Free Free


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